Replacing Wheel Teeth - Morbier Strike Wheel

The pictures below show the damaged wheel, the jig used to hold the wheel firmly for milling and the slot being milled in the wheel. The slot is being milled to achieve a precisely rectangular geometry so that a similarly sized and shaped plug can be fit in it. Lastly the plug is being milled precisely to fit the slot.
The pictures below show the plug sitting in the wheel with no solder, the plug soldered in the wheel and the plug (after soldering) cut to the approximate outer diameter of the wheel.
These pictures show the mill setup for cutting the teeth with a slitting saw. Note that good teeth on the opposite side of the wheel are being used for indexing. The last two pictures show the final result after filing teeth to final length and profile. Had more teeth been involved a fly cutter could have been used to produce the proper tooth profile. Sta-Brite (silver bearing) solder was used.